The Nail Polish Remover

It was summertime in Spain, a really hot day in a small city. I had to pass by the pharmacy to pick up a few Band-Aids. And when I was waiting in the queue I was checking out the shelves and what they had on them.

Pharmacy cosmetics nail polish remover

I noticed a cylindrical small bottle, in black. On it it read: nail polish remover. Usually all the nail polish remover bottles I had ever seen before where regular bottles with which you would use a cotton to put the liquid on and clean your nails.

Practical nail polish remover express
In this case, this little black bottle had a sponge inside of it that would also contain polish remover liquid and whenever you would put your finger inside it would clean it of nail polish.

Nail polish remover padding practical

It was the first time I had ever seen a nail polish remover pot or what other brands like Bourjois is calling at magic nail polish remover or other brands are calling express remover.

For me that that was a great discovery because this little remover pot is extremely practical for me. I can take it with me anywhere without having to use cottons, I don’t need to take with me anything else but the little black bottle.

I don’t paint my nails very often but when I do I normally use this polish remover and I have been using it for the past few years. 

You have to be aware of a couple things:

  1. Don’t leave it open because if you do it will dry off and you won’t be able to use it again many more times after that.
  2. It has a very strong and concentrated smell, so whenever you are cleaning your nails with it make sure that you breath away from the bottle.

My cousins fell in love with it.