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The Laundry Sorter

Originally I had a basket where I would put all the dirty laundry. But I realise that over time that little basket couldn’t hold everything I wanted to put in there. In fact I guess we are very dirty people, because that little basket couldn’t hold all the dirty clothes we had. 

With time I tried looking for a different solution that would be better than a single container with all the dirty laundry. 

When you want to do laundry you want to divide your clothes in different fabrics different colours, different temperatures. 

So when I was looking for different solutions than not a single basket I thought: “I want to have a storage for laundry where I can divide the different clothing and separate sections depending on the colour or texture”.

The reason why I wanted this distribution and not all of them in one basket was because it is very painful to me to have to pull all the clothes out of that one basket and distribute for several minutes. Trying to find as many pieces of clothing of a single colour to fill up the laundry machine, so you don’t waste water, detergent etc. It is a pain.

I hate laundry
So here I found a few laundry sorters. In fact I found exactly what I wanted: a laundry sorter that was divided in three sections. So for example, you could divide it in the dark clothing section, the white section and the colour mix section.

But then I thought to myself that three sections were not enough for a laundry basket, because then: what happens with the Red clothes? where do we put them? do we mix them with the mixed colours? 

That is something that I didn’t want to do so I decided that if I was to have a laundry basket with different sections I would have it with four sections instead of three. Whites, blacks, colours and reds. 

Laundry sorter
Now, it was really hard to find but in the end I managed to see something that I really wanted on Amazon
This one does the trick but requires a little bit of space in your kitchen, if you decide to put it there. So I suggest that before you buy it or before you look at it or think it’s a good solution, make sure it fits.

Laundry sorter 4 sections compartments