The magnetic beer holder

This has been one of the greatest acquisitions of all time.

So my husband started getting craft beer for his guests at home. He has a separate small fridge in his studio to have beer whenever he wants as I don’t really like beer myself. 

But when guests come over we have more than a few and that mini fridge just doesn’t really cut it. 

So all the beer goes into the main fridge. 

And add that all on top of all the food you buy for the guests and is already stored in there. You get a little bit nervous when you see all of it piling up on top of each other so i decided to make our space limited fridge more practical.

I found these stickers that have magnets on them, what is called a magnetic beer holder.

So what i have done is i have put this all the way to the back of the fridge shelf and even if the beer still takes some space i still get the bottom of the shelf to put any other ingredients there.

I love this solution and it not only does the job for beer but you can also put up juice or other bottles you want to hang up there.

My husband is the one pointing out that this was a very practical idea so here you go, one more to the list 😊


Fondue Machine

With time I have become more and more lazy about cooking. I also wanted to make our meals a lot more fun, and whenever we have guests, making it easier to cook for many people. 

So one day, we had guests over, and three hours before dinner time I was there again,  cooking for several hours and by the time the guests would come home I’d be exhausted.

And one day I thought to myself, why not find a way of making the guests cook their own food. Spending very little time doing any cooking before the guests arrived so I can dedicate my mental effort to entertain them and to also have fun myself, for once.

And then I came across this fondue machine on Amazon

Kitchen cooking practical fondue machine

And I thought it was a great idea. You just need to find a recipe which I found on BBC food (I love this website by the way). Cut a few pieces of cold meat, potatoes, boil some broccoli and vegetables and toast some pieces of bread.

It takes you tops one hour to prepare everything including the fondue and just a few minutes to heat up. You leave it melting in the pot whilst you say hi to your guests, and then you can sit down and have a meal together.

Kitchen ingredients broccoli potatoes cold meat
Most of the guests that we have had where we have taken out the fondue machine, they have really enjoyed the experience because it’s not a very usual type of meal whenever you have guests over. 

Now, the problem will come the day that you have a guest or many guys who are not into cheese, then is when you really need to think about a different tactic to save time preparing dinner…!

Home, Kitchen

The Potato Slicer

I hate cutting potatoes, washing them and cutting them into pieces. It is a burden to me. It annoys me. It takes me forever. It puts me off from cooking altogether.

One day, I had it. I had been cutting potatoes for a long time because we had guests. And I told myself that that was the last time I would be cutting potatoes. 

I decided that I would be looking for a solution where I would just put in the potato and, in one go, I would be able to slice it without using a kitchen knife.

So I went on the hunt for a potato slicer where I would be able to put the potato in and slice it with a simple move. The difficult thing about doing something like that is that that piece of equipment could be quite difficult to work with because the potato is hard to get through. Unless you have boiled it first. So where could I find something like this?

Every time I am looking for something that is unusual or not the typical kitchen utensil, I go to Amazon. I tend to buy things that I think off or imagine but don’t even know if they exist or not yet. Usually when I go to Amazon I am lucky enough to be able to find it, exactly what I want.

So, to my surprise, I found this potato slicer much quicker than I thought.

Practical potato slicer
It is great because you put the potato inside of it and with enough strength you pass it through, you push it with a mechanism through a mini wall shaped with little squares. You can actually change this wall with wider squares or smaller squares depending on how you want your fries to be like.

Once you have put all the potatoes you want to cook through the slicer, you can go ahead and fry the potatoes for any time of the day that you want to cook. 

My husband, who is as much if a lazy cook as I am, loves this kitchen gadget.