The Sports Bra

I don’t do a lot of sports but when I do them I want to do them comfortably. 

So when I started to go to a gym class called Zumba or another gym class called body balance or body combat, I started hating wearing T-shirts to these things. Because sports shirts will stick to your skin and bother you all the way through the class. 

Some people feel can survive it but in my case I wanted to find something that could let me take the gym class in peace. 

I had seen a few people wearing Sports bras so I thought that even though I’m not the kind of person who would just wear a bra to a sports class I decided that’s what I wanted to do because it was more comfortable for me.

Sports bra breathable
But again I’m not the kind of person who will go for a regular sports bra, I wanted to get something even more comfortable than a normal one. 

I thought to myself “if I’m going to get a sports bra, I’m going to get a good one”. 

So the first thing that I wanted to get was a sports bra that had a zipper in the front instead of in the back. Some bras don’t even have a zipper.

Sports bra zipper detail

It is also quite uncomfortable when after you have finished your class, you are completely sticky and sweaty, and the last thing you want to do is take off your T-shirt, or shirt, or jumper. It doesn’t really matter what you have to take off, it is the fact that you have to take it off and make a huge effort to do so – especially when you are K.O. I mean, you are tired, you have worked out, don’t make my life more difficult than it is at this point in time… 

And finally, I was looking for a sports bra that was breathable too, so it wouldn’t stick so much as a regular T-shirt would.

I haven’t been to Decathlon in a long time because now I live in the UK. But when I was a child I used to go a lot with my mother to get all my sports gear for school or for extre curricular activites. I didn’t know that there was one in the UK and even less that there was one shop in London. 

So when I heard that they had a store here I decided to go and check it out and not only I found a cool sports bra that ticket all my boxes but I found a few other things that were very good for yoga, Zumba, pilates, and running.

Sports bra front zipper
I go to the gym with a friend of mine and she thought the bra was a really good idea.

Home, Kitchen

The Potato Slicer

I hate cutting potatoes, washing them and cutting them into pieces. It is a burden to me. It annoys me. It takes me forever. It puts me off from cooking altogether.

One day, I had it. I had been cutting potatoes for a long time because we had guests. And I told myself that that was the last time I would be cutting potatoes. 

I decided that I would be looking for a solution where I would just put in the potato and, in one go, I would be able to slice it without using a kitchen knife.

So I went on the hunt for a potato slicer where I would be able to put the potato in and slice it with a simple move. The difficult thing about doing something like that is that that piece of equipment could be quite difficult to work with because the potato is hard to get through. Unless you have boiled it first. So where could I find something like this?

Every time I am looking for something that is unusual or not the typical kitchen utensil, I go to Amazon. I tend to buy things that I think off or imagine but don’t even know if they exist or not yet. Usually when I go to Amazon I am lucky enough to be able to find it, exactly what I want.

So, to my surprise, I found this potato slicer much quicker than I thought.

Practical potato slicer
It is great because you put the potato inside of it and with enough strength you pass it through, you push it with a mechanism through a mini wall shaped with little squares. You can actually change this wall with wider squares or smaller squares depending on how you want your fries to be like.

Once you have put all the potatoes you want to cook through the slicer, you can go ahead and fry the potatoes for any time of the day that you want to cook. 

My husband, who is as much if a lazy cook as I am, loves this kitchen gadget.

Home, Kitchen

The Ironing Press

I remark. Compact.

I was tired of ironing on a board. In fact, over time i had stopped ironing because it was just the most necessary thing when you feel the most lazy. Ever.

I wanted to find the one piece of very unattractive equipment that would make my life easier. One go, one shot, job done.

I never really thought of anything else but a regular iron, didn’t know anything else was out there. But one day, searching for that one mary poppins miracle, I found an ironing press. 

I thought to myself: “what if, this was small enough to fit in someone’s place without taking too much space? Does that even exist…?”

And voilà, the least expected find – a compact ironing press.

Bare in mind that compact is not as compact as you think. It still takes up a good chunk of any surface you want to have it standing on (for example, we have it in the kitchen), but it is considerably less than a regular ironing board.

And oh heaven, it does the trick. 

You just plug it in, let it heat, make sure it has water, put on top of the bottom board any piece of clothing you want, pull down the top of the iron, press down for a few seconds and a beep will go off letting you know your t-shirt is ready to wear.

But I mean, don’t expect it to do miracles. If the pants are wrinkled to the point of no salvation then this beast won’t fix it for you. You have to take some sort of care before putting that work shirt in.

My husband loves this one for his shirts and a few friends have raised eyebrows on this one, being curious as to what it was and even testing it to see how practical it was and asking for the link on Amazon.

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The Collapsible Laundry Basket

We had just started to fill up our place with furniture and a few accessories. Decorations would be the last thing to add to the nest.

It got to a point where we started to have too much laundry laying around. That, adding a single mattress in an empty room, was not the way I envisaged moving to a new flat.

So as usual I did a little bit of research into practical solutions for laundry storage. 

There are a few options to store your laundry in the house. You can store your Landry in the kitchen, next to the laundry machine for example. You can also have some laundry bags in the bathroom, if you have the space, or when you don’t have the space, in your bedroom.

In my case, I was looking to store the laundry in a bag somewhere in our bedroom. I didn’t want anything taky, or ugly, I was looking for something a bit more elegant or that could match well with the rest of the room.

I was looking for something with a pastel colour or a neutral colour, A bag that wouldn’t stand out so much in the room.

So I found Muji.

Muji is a good brand for a few reasons. When you’re looking for something that is neutral or pastel or that won’t stand out very much in your room, they have the key. They are very good at doing accessories for the home that tend to be either practical or useful, and most of the time when you see one of their products you think “oh, that’s actually a great idea…”.

And they had a great collapsible laundry bag I liked:

Laundry bag box collapsible

The cool thing about the laundry bag above is that it’s beige, doesn’t stand out, it’s made of cotton linen, it’s collapsible, and you can store it anywhere you want when you’re not using it. It looks great in the room, it doesn’t bother the eye and it is practical.

My husband in a couple of friends have very much liked is bag.

Home, Kitchen

This Mop Holder

We have this closet where the boiler is. And I am fully determined to make my home as practical as possible making sure that every bit of space is used up to the functional max.

In the closet we are horribly fitting a mop, a bucket and a vacuum cleaner. Aside from a few other things.

The annoying thing is, the mop and the vacuum cleaner always get on the way of each other or tangled up. And that is no place to have anything laying around at its own will.

So I decided to find out if one of my favourite brands (3M) made any solution for this. 

You probably don’t know this brand, I didn’t know it either until I worked for a B2B company that sold their products and realised they had these amazing stickers that acted as hangers for paintings.

These little hanging stickers can hold from a few grams to 7kg…no joke. Their name is 3M Command.

I was really cautious in the begining to buy these but hey, not a massive cost to try with a few pounds in the pocket. So I gave it a go.

And it worked so well that I became a true fan of this brand. In fact, if you ever check the machines where passport control scans your ID or passport – that machine is 3M.

So after trusting many of my beloved paintings to this brand i thought i’d check out what they had on wall stickers to hold a mop or a broom on the inside of a closet door.

And found this broom holder sticker (or broom gripper):

Does the job just fine for anything else you’d want to hang – brooms, mops, etc. I think they also have value packs with a few of them and a cheaper price.

The reason why I like this solution better is because I don’t have to drill into the wall to use it and the day i want to take it off because we are moving out, then I can do so without having to spend 30min pulling the thing out of the closet door.

My husband loved this solution.

Dining table extended

The Extendable Dining Table

Once again i found myself struggling to find exactly what I wanted. I have realized that if you have an idea in your head of how the ideal, most practical furniture should look like, feel like…you will never find it. But if for any miraculous reason you do: it will be expensive.

There aren’t that many exciting things about buying the basic furniture,
I think that the most exciting bit are the accessories. The thousand blankets that look amazing on magazines but for some reason i never manage to make it look as awesome and end up having way too many, don’t know where to put them anymore and I get this ridiculous look from my partner who refuses to make any attempt to make a comment about blankets…

Basic furniture is no fun. At least for me.

But if I had to get it, I would get it right. And when you get something right, it tends to be practical. And practical in London = space saving.

So i went on an arduous hunt for compact living furniture and discovered the dirty truth: you will not EVER be able to afford it.

But I am stubborn.

So after browsing the “net” for God knows how long i finally stumbled upon this really random, foreign, no-review, shady site.

And I personally don’t have a problem buying from unknown sites, but when your other half is american, war is just beginning. After a few background checks and female opinion we finally got it – ArredaClick:

consolate table extendable

expandable console tableAnd you will think: “wait, that’s not a dining table…that’s a hallway table!”.

But the brilliant thing is that it actually extends to up to 3m long.

Dining table extended
Which I found excellent. And on top of that, currency Euro/Pound was ideal at the moment so it was a sweet deal.

However, think of the following things before you buy it:

  • Do you need such a huge table?
  • Do you want your table to be visible or have its own room?
  • Where can you keep the extendable pieces?
  • Are you happy for it to take up to 8 weeks to come to you all the way from Italy?

We have used this table a lot now. We store the extendable pieces inside the sofa bed storage and take them out when we have guests. Every single time we do have people over, they ask us about the table and how practical it is.


Illuminating Tweezers

One day, in one of the many flights I had to take, I saw a woman take out her toiletry bag during a security check.

She was definitely going to be taken something away.

But to my surprise, they looked in and took out a pair of tweezers. Inspected the pair and touched a little mechanism that triggered a light – tweezers with light! Not only they found it amazing but when sensed, they were made of a material that they allowed in the plane.

And here I was, me and my thick eyebrows, on the hunt for these miraculous illuminating tweezers.

I found them on Amazon and got them right away. So far a great find, can take them everywhere and were extremelly useful for all those times when the airbnb didn’t have enough light in the bathroom. Or the hotel or the guest bedroom.

They were liked by a few family members and straught away became a favourite Christmas gift.

So far the best eyebrow tweezers I have found.