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The Balcony Planters

We really like the outdoors and when we are indoors we like to have a few plants around. 

I don’t really have a terrace here in London but I am lucky enough to have a balcony. 

When we first arrived to this flat, brand-new, the walls were white, there was no furniture, there was nothing. So we had to build the personality of our flat gradually.

The way I have decorated my home has been with mostly accessories and decorations but both me and my husband felt that we needed a bit more life within the flat so we decided to start putting some plants in the balcony. 

To be honest it was the first time that I have done something like that and I have never really done any research on planters before. So there was a lot of trial and error. At first I decided to go for small planters because we don’t have a lot of space on the balcony but suddenly realised that the kind of flowers that we liked took a little bit more space than just a tiny planter. 

Small planters
So we ended up going for ceramic planters for the floor but over time I realised I wanted to have a few more planters hanging from the balcony.
Ceramic planters
In the part of London that we live in it can get quite windy so I didn’t want to get planters that were either too light or that would fall easily because we live above the street. It wouldn’t be ideal that one of the planters would fall on someone’s head obviously. So I had to find a solution where the planters that I would buy would hold on to the rails of the balcony in the most secure way.

So I ended up going for these planters that I found on Amazon

Balcony planters
They have been really really practical because they have two sides at the bottom of the planter which you have filled up with soil, due to the heaviness of it, it brings all the weight to the bottom of the two sides. This makes these planters quite safe because the weight at the bottom of them keeps them fastened to the rails. 

I have already trialled them on really windy days or really rainy days and they did the job perfectly so I am very proud of the purchase. 

One of our friends who has a lot of plants at home has taken this idea for himself and has purchased a couple of these for his flat.