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The Collapsible Laundry Basket

We had just started to fill up our place with furniture and a few accessories. Decorations would be the last thing to add to the nest.

It got to a point where we started to have too much laundry laying around. That, adding a single mattress in an empty room, was not the way I envisaged moving to a new flat.

So as usual I did a little bit of research into practical solutions for laundry storage. 

There are a few options to store your laundry in the house. You can store your Landry in the kitchen, next to the laundry machine for example. You can also have some laundry bags in the bathroom, if you have the space, or when you don’t have the space, in your bedroom.

In my case, I was looking to store the laundry in a bag somewhere in our bedroom. I didn’t want anything taky, or ugly, I was looking for something a bit more elegant or that could match well with the rest of the room.

I was looking for something with a pastel colour or a neutral colour, A bag that wouldn’t stand out so much in the room.

So I found Muji.

Muji is a good brand for a few reasons. When you’re looking for something that is neutral or pastel or that won’t stand out very much in your room, they have the key. They are very good at doing accessories for the home that tend to be either practical or useful, and most of the time when you see one of their products you think “oh, that’s actually a great idea…”.

And they had a great collapsible laundry bag I liked:

Laundry bag box collapsible

The cool thing about the laundry bag above is that it’s beige, doesn’t stand out, it’s made of cotton linen, it’s collapsible, and you can store it anywhere you want when you’re not using it. It looks great in the room, it doesn’t bother the eye and it is practical.

My husband in a couple of friends have very much liked is bag.

Bathroom, Home, Kitchen

The Towel Rail

On the hunt for bathroom accessories now.

We have 2 bathrooms, one is just tiny and you can’t fit a thing in there. The other one is bigger but very hard to make it more practical than it already is.

My mother decided to “get rid of a few towels” ie give them to me so out of the blue I had to find a way of making extra space or towel storage or something (!) to put these towels in…

Aside from a few other ideas I’ll put up in other posts, a towel rail was one of the solutions found. We have heated towel rails but let’s just say that wasn’t enough for the “few inherited towels”.

So instead of going for a freestanding towel rail that takes too much space, we decided for a hanging towel rail. The one I got was £3 in Amazon, here. However you can get it for much cheaper in some cheap/1 pound shop for less than £1. I totally recommend it.

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As usual, I put up things that have had “likes” by people that have seen some of the kitchen/home gadgets/accessories. So in this case, not only they have liked it. They have bought it.

The cool thing about this one is that there is no wall mounting involved in the process, you just need to hang it from a cabinet or cupboard door and that’s it. The only thing that you need to ensure is that the holder is wide enough for the door or that the door is not too wide for the towel rail’s holder. Plus, it is quite versatile as you can also use it as a kitchen towel rail if you want to or even to use in other rooms.