The Jumpsuit Pyjama

Okay, this one was really hard to get. 

I am a huge fan of the pyjama jumpsuit or playsuit or jumpsuit that you take to bed to go to sleep with. I bought the last one from Women’s Secret, but i think this brand is only available in some countries. This playsuit was for summer sleep and after a few years of night caps it is seeing the end of its days.

Aside from that, this type of pyjama might not make men their biggest fan, but it is too comfortable for me to care. You still look good, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the most accessible piece of clothing in your wardrobe, let’s put it that way.

Continuing the story, one day I passed by Oysho, which is a Spanish brand from the Inditex group, owner of Zara and other fashion brands. This is basically their sleepwear branch. I saw this jumpsuit that had no sleeves and it looked quite comfy.

Now, I am a person or a woman who is always cold. And by always I mean, always. So I am always trying to find clothes that are either halfway through the season, which means they are half summery, half wintery. Because in winter I am always cold and in summer I am still cold, but less. So when I found this jumpsuit with no sleeves and wintery feel fabric, it was something that really caught my eye. 

I tried it on and found it was extremely soft, with a good length and in a way, open enough at the top so you’re not too warm but you’re not cold either. 

Putting temperature aside, the reason why I think this one is very practical it’s because you can use it as a pyjama or even to go out or putting a shirt on and mix it up like you would with any other jumpsuit, maybe more for winter time but still multifunctional.

I stayed over at a friend’s place and she thought it was a great idea.


The Sports Bra

I don’t do a lot of sports but when I do them I want to do them comfortably. 

So when I started to go to a gym class called Zumba or another gym class called body balance or body combat, I started hating wearing T-shirts to these things. Because sports shirts will stick to your skin and bother you all the way through the class. 

Some people feel can survive it but in my case I wanted to find something that could let me take the gym class in peace. 

I had seen a few people wearing Sports bras so I thought that even though I’m not the kind of person who would just wear a bra to a sports class I decided that’s what I wanted to do because it was more comfortable for me.

Sports bra breathable
But again I’m not the kind of person who will go for a regular sports bra, I wanted to get something even more comfortable than a normal one. 

I thought to myself “if I’m going to get a sports bra, I’m going to get a good one”. 

So the first thing that I wanted to get was a sports bra that had a zipper in the front instead of in the back. Some bras don’t even have a zipper.

Sports bra zipper detail

It is also quite uncomfortable when after you have finished your class, you are completely sticky and sweaty, and the last thing you want to do is take off your T-shirt, or shirt, or jumper. It doesn’t really matter what you have to take off, it is the fact that you have to take it off and make a huge effort to do so – especially when you are K.O. I mean, you are tired, you have worked out, don’t make my life more difficult than it is at this point in time… 

And finally, I was looking for a sports bra that was breathable too, so it wouldn’t stick so much as a regular T-shirt would.

I haven’t been to Decathlon in a long time because now I live in the UK. But when I was a child I used to go a lot with my mother to get all my sports gear for school or for extre curricular activites. I didn’t know that there was one in the UK and even less that there was one shop in London. 

So when I heard that they had a store here I decided to go and check it out and not only I found a cool sports bra that ticket all my boxes but I found a few other things that were very good for yoga, Zumba, pilates, and running.

Sports bra front zipper
I go to the gym with a friend of mine and she thought the bra was a really good idea.


Buying a Fusion Wedding Dress

I don’t believe myself to have the highest taste in fashion. I might be too tacky for some, to plain for some, too colorful for some, too European for some…there is so many opinions out there that I have just ended up thinking: fashion is subjective.
So I will show and explain to you how I bought my wedding dress.

  1. I am spanish and he is indian.
  2. I am not religious. I don’t want white.
  3. I am not extremely cultural from either side. I don’t want a tail, I don’t want to show my belly (Sari/Saree), I don’t want baggy, I don’t want pants (Anarkali) and the style I like the most is called Lehenga.
  4. I want a mix. Something between his and my cultural styles.

And my, it has been difficult to find…especially when you don’t know the name of the thing you are trying to find. In my case, after much research into all the wedding dresses and wedding gowns you can imagine…and a good collection of Indian brides…I gave up. Temporarily.

I picked up the matter a while later and found that I was actually looking for a “fusion wedding dress”, or…an “asian fusion wedding dress” or… a “contemporary” Indian wedding dress.

And I found it. From that day on, my husband called me “the search queen”. Well deserved!

It was very difficult to get to the styles I liked because I didn’t like all the many typical Indian styles and I do believe there is a major gap in the market for intercultural marriages out there so for those that are thinking of setting up a reliable business, this is a good one.

When I started searching I found the one below and I thought to myself: this is great. It’s a relatively good combination between Indian and European bride styles but it didn’t convince me as I didn’t want to wear pure white like that.


Pronovias – Spain

So I calmly continued searching. And some time passed by and then I found the one below in Amazon, which I really really liked. Again a combination between our cultures, but more of a very westernized Indian dress. You can compare with a plain traditional gown next to it.

If I took out all the decoration and left it as a plain white dress, it would look like a wedding dress you could wear in Spain.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a la(s) 16.22.58House of Mooshki

Applique Detailed Striped Siddartha Tytler                                                                        Amazon

The Designer’s name is Siddartha Tytler.

At first, I was really skeptical of buying from an unknown designer (to me, which doesn’t mean he is not good or famous in India…I just don’t know everyone in the luxury fashion business).

Second, buying from India. Very scared of payment issues etc. so did quite a bit of research on him, finding he was quite a well known individual in India. Peace of Mind from there.


The following thing was to get a better price. The one on amazon was above our budget, at £1k.

But i really REALLY liked it so i thought…

Can i find it in rupees? And voila, this website called had it. At £700. This was a major improvement as it was now much more affordable.

Checked that the website was again reliable, by doing extensive research on its owner, reviews, payment…

Buying your dress from a designer based in India and a comparison shopping site also based in India, is scary. At least from a Spaniards perspective.

In any case, I was ready to go ahead and then decided to see if the dress was as pretty on the website as it was in person. So went to find videos of the catwalks, gown videos…but nothing. Until i found a few dresses compared against actual real non-bony people. They looked GREAT.

And I finally found my dress displayed in Bridal Asia 2013:

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a la(s) 17.40.40

But even then I thought, could I find a voucher for this site? If i got even cheaper I could get more guests to come to our wedding for example…

And i found it. 10% Discount on my first order on with code STYLEARREST. Total price: £600. 40% on original Amazon price.

I called this a small Victory.

And 4 extra friends into the wedding guest list 🙂

And a potential loyal customer of this designer.


Knitted Boots

These winter boots have been one of the best acquisitions of all winter. I have had them for at least 5 years now and when they were too damaged a bought a second pair.


They are not as fashionable as knee high boots but have caught the eye of many and much warmer than ankle boot, with which I tend to be quite cold in full-on Christmas here in London.

The way you pull them up is with the buckle which bring up the fabric and you can tie it around the bottom part of your knee. So they are the per-fect fit as wide calf boots, because the fabric expands and is very easy on the leg.

These have taken rain, snow, wind, everything you can throw at them. I have gone basically everywhere and anywhere with them and they grip very well to the ground because of the thick sole. They are not water resistant but with all the rain we see here, they have done a great job.

I have the black version but they also have other colours: