The Jumpsuit Pyjama

Okay, this one was really hard to get. 

I am a huge fan of the pyjama jumpsuit or playsuit or jumpsuit that you take to bed to go to sleep with. I bought the last one from Women’s Secret, but i think this brand is only available in some countries. This playsuit was for summer sleep and after a few years of night caps it is seeing the end of its days.

Aside from that, this type of pyjama might not make men their biggest fan, but it is too comfortable for me to care. You still look good, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the most accessible piece of clothing in your wardrobe, let’s put it that way.

Continuing the story, one day I passed by Oysho, which is a Spanish brand from the Inditex group, owner of Zara and other fashion brands. This is basically their sleepwear branch. I saw this jumpsuit that had no sleeves and it looked quite comfy.

Now, I am a person or a woman who is always cold. And by always I mean, always. So I am always trying to find clothes that are either halfway through the season, which means they are half summery, half wintery. Because in winter I am always cold and in summer I am still cold, but less. So when I found this jumpsuit with no sleeves and wintery feel fabric, it was something that really caught my eye. 

I tried it on and found it was extremely soft, with a good length and in a way, open enough at the top so you’re not too warm but you’re not cold either. 

Putting temperature aside, the reason why I think this one is very practical it’s because you can use it as a pyjama or even to go out or putting a shirt on and mix it up like you would with any other jumpsuit, maybe more for winter time but still multifunctional.

I stayed over at a friend’s place and she thought it was a great idea.


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