cheap kitchen worktops chopping board
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Cheap Kitchen Worktops

Some of us spend a long time in the kitchen not because we want to, but because it takes forever to cut every ingredient to add to that one meal that you hope will taste good enough to be eaten.

I am not a great cook but I do appreciate when a tool makes my life easier, cleaner or more practical. So I can spend time doing other non-sense, probably not very productive but extremely enjoyable.

There are granite, quartz, wooden worktops and neither of them I’d like to damage, especially when you have bought or rent a flat. That’s why, and this was inspired by my mother, I like to have an attachable kitchen worktop.

I decided to go for a stainless steel worktop (an attachment, sort of like a chopping board) because I had seen others made of wood that were really hard to clean up and to be honest some hygiene question marks were raised. It has been a hard way to fill in our home, one reason why was “I want no Ikea worktops in my home”. Sad times…

Where else could I find a cheap kitchen worktop AND practical?

So I went for Amazon.

cheap kitchen worktops chopping board

So far, it has been a durable, clean, and visually ideal for the kitchen. I liked the fact that it had rubber feet and that I don’t actually have to stick it or attach it to the kitchen work top. So whenever I want, I lift. Clean underneath. Bring back down. Job done.

If you don’t know me yet, in this blog I only talk about things that I have bought, done or thought of that OTHERS have liked too, whether it was because of its practicality or just a great idea.

This time it was our Estate Agent, who came along and saw the board and emailed us ONLY to know where we had bought it.

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