The magnetic beer holder

This has been one of the greatest acquisitions of all time.

So my husband started getting craft beer for his guests at home. He has a separate small fridge in his studio to have beer whenever he wants as I don’t really like beer myself. 

But when guests come over we have more than a few and that mini fridge just doesn’t really cut it. 

So all the beer goes into the main fridge. 

And add that all on top of all the food you buy for the guests and is already stored in there. You get a little bit nervous when you see all of it piling up on top of each other so i decided to make our space limited fridge more practical.

I found these stickers that have magnets on them, what is called a magnetic beer holder.

So what i have done is i have put this all the way to the back of the fridge shelf and even if the beer still takes some space i still get the bottom of the shelf to put any other ingredients there.

I love this solution and it not only does the job for beer but you can also put up juice or other bottles you want to hang up there.

My husband is the one pointing out that this was a very practical idea so here you go, one more to the list 😊


Fondue Machine

With time I have become more and more lazy about cooking. I also wanted to make our meals a lot more fun, and whenever we have guests, making it easier to cook for many people. 

So one day, we had guests over, and three hours before dinner time I was there again,  cooking for several hours and by the time the guests would come home I’d be exhausted.

And one day I thought to myself, why not find a way of making the guests cook their own food. Spending very little time doing any cooking before the guests arrived so I can dedicate my mental effort to entertain them and to also have fun myself, for once.

And then I came across this fondue machine on Amazon

Kitchen cooking practical fondue machine

And I thought it was a great idea. You just need to find a recipe which I found on BBC food (I love this website by the way). Cut a few pieces of cold meat, potatoes, boil some broccoli and vegetables and toast some pieces of bread.

It takes you tops one hour to prepare everything including the fondue and just a few minutes to heat up. You leave it melting in the pot whilst you say hi to your guests, and then you can sit down and have a meal together.

Kitchen ingredients broccoli potatoes cold meat
Most of the guests that we have had where we have taken out the fondue machine, they have really enjoyed the experience because it’s not a very usual type of meal whenever you have guests over. 

Now, the problem will come the day that you have a guest or many guys who are not into cheese, then is when you really need to think about a different tactic to save time preparing dinner…!


The Jumpsuit Pyjama

Okay, this one was really hard to get. 

I am a huge fan of the pyjama jumpsuit or playsuit or jumpsuit that you take to bed to go to sleep with. I bought the last one from Women’s Secret, but i think this brand is only available in some countries. This playsuit was for summer sleep and after a few years of night caps it is seeing the end of its days.

Aside from that, this type of pyjama might not make men their biggest fan, but it is too comfortable for me to care. You still look good, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the most accessible piece of clothing in your wardrobe, let’s put it that way.

Continuing the story, one day I passed by Oysho, which is a Spanish brand from the Inditex group, owner of Zara and other fashion brands. This is basically their sleepwear branch. I saw this jumpsuit that had no sleeves and it looked quite comfy.

Now, I am a person or a woman who is always cold. And by always I mean, always. So I am always trying to find clothes that are either halfway through the season, which means they are half summery, half wintery. Because in winter I am always cold and in summer I am still cold, but less. So when I found this jumpsuit with no sleeves and wintery feel fabric, it was something that really caught my eye. 

I tried it on and found it was extremely soft, with a good length and in a way, open enough at the top so you’re not too warm but you’re not cold either. 

Putting temperature aside, the reason why I think this one is very practical it’s because you can use it as a pyjama or even to go out or putting a shirt on and mix it up like you would with any other jumpsuit, maybe more for winter time but still multifunctional.

I stayed over at a friend’s place and she thought it was a great idea.


The Nail Polish Remover

It was summertime in Spain, a really hot day in a small city. I had to pass by the pharmacy to pick up a few Band-Aids. And when I was waiting in the queue I was checking out the shelves and what they had on them.

Pharmacy cosmetics nail polish remover

I noticed a cylindrical small bottle, in black. On it it read: nail polish remover. Usually all the nail polish remover bottles I had ever seen before where regular bottles with which you would use a cotton to put the liquid on and clean your nails.

Practical nail polish remover express
In this case, this little black bottle had a sponge inside of it that would also contain polish remover liquid and whenever you would put your finger inside it would clean it of nail polish.

Nail polish remover padding practical

It was the first time I had ever seen a nail polish remover pot or what other brands like Bourjois is calling at magic nail polish remover or other brands are calling express remover.

For me that that was a great discovery because this little remover pot is extremely practical for me. I can take it with me anywhere without having to use cottons, I don’t need to take with me anything else but the little black bottle.

I don’t paint my nails very often but when I do I normally use this polish remover and I have been using it for the past few years. 

You have to be aware of a couple things:

  1. Don’t leave it open because if you do it will dry off and you won’t be able to use it again many more times after that.
  2. It has a very strong and concentrated smell, so whenever you are cleaning your nails with it make sure that you breath away from the bottle.

My cousins fell in love with it.

Home, Outdoors

The Balcony Planters

We really like the outdoors and when we are indoors we like to have a few plants around. 

I don’t really have a terrace here in London but I am lucky enough to have a balcony. 

When we first arrived to this flat, brand-new, the walls were white, there was no furniture, there was nothing. So we had to build the personality of our flat gradually.

The way I have decorated my home has been with mostly accessories and decorations but both me and my husband felt that we needed a bit more life within the flat so we decided to start putting some plants in the balcony. 

To be honest it was the first time that I have done something like that and I have never really done any research on planters before. So there was a lot of trial and error. At first I decided to go for small planters because we don’t have a lot of space on the balcony but suddenly realised that the kind of flowers that we liked took a little bit more space than just a tiny planter. 

Small planters
So we ended up going for ceramic planters for the floor but over time I realised I wanted to have a few more planters hanging from the balcony.
Ceramic planters
In the part of London that we live in it can get quite windy so I didn’t want to get planters that were either too light or that would fall easily because we live above the street. It wouldn’t be ideal that one of the planters would fall on someone’s head obviously. So I had to find a solution where the planters that I would buy would hold on to the rails of the balcony in the most secure way.

So I ended up going for these planters that I found on Amazon

Balcony planters
They have been really really practical because they have two sides at the bottom of the planter which you have filled up with soil, due to the heaviness of it, it brings all the weight to the bottom of the two sides. This makes these planters quite safe because the weight at the bottom of them keeps them fastened to the rails. 

I have already trialled them on really windy days or really rainy days and they did the job perfectly so I am very proud of the purchase. 

One of our friends who has a lot of plants at home has taken this idea for himself and has purchased a couple of these for his flat.

Home, Kitchen

The Tea Organizer

I have way too many teabags. 

I think teabags are one of those things, at least in England, that you end up accumulating over time. And one day you realise that you have so much Tea that you could feed an entire continent. 

It got to a point where I had so much tea I didn’t know where to put it and we ended up shoving it down the kitchen cupboard where we kept the cookies, the cereal, sugar and other condiments for baking. Having it organised like this (baking, breakfast, etc) is very practical for me, but might not be practical for everyone. 

Anyhow, at some point in time there were so many teabags that they kept on falling off the cupboard everytime you’d open it. And then is when I got on my nerves. 

So I went on to find a good solution to keep all the teabags in one place. A place where I could find the flavour I wanted, I could easily access the teabags, and I could store it practically and in an organised way. 

I found a few options where you can store teabags in boxes but I felt that you couldn’t see all the different teabags you would have to choose from. So I ended up deciding I wanted to get a teabag storage with a bit more of a display feel to it. 

So I found a solution.

The great thing about this organizer is that I can easily hold the whole thing easily, I can put it in a cupboard or outside and it displays the teabags from both sides. 

It has those little boxes which are transparent where you can put the different sachets and it holds quite a few bags in each little box. So basically what you can do is you can put different flavours of tea in one little box and so on and so on. 

For me it’s a perfect idea because I can put it outside or inside the cupboards I can easily take them out whenever I have guests and they can choose from different teabags for different flavours. But the most important thing is that they will jo longer fall off the corners!

So far a couple of family members really like the solution but I have still to show it off to a few guests and find out what they think about it.

Home, Kitchen

The Laundry Sorter

Originally I had a basket where I would put all the dirty laundry. But I realise that over time that little basket couldn’t hold everything I wanted to put in there. In fact I guess we are very dirty people, because that little basket couldn’t hold all the dirty clothes we had. 

With time I tried looking for a different solution that would be better than a single container with all the dirty laundry. 

When you want to do laundry you want to divide your clothes in different fabrics different colours, different temperatures. 

So when I was looking for different solutions than not a single basket I thought: “I want to have a storage for laundry where I can divide the different clothing and separate sections depending on the colour or texture”.

The reason why I wanted this distribution and not all of them in one basket was because it is very painful to me to have to pull all the clothes out of that one basket and distribute for several minutes. Trying to find as many pieces of clothing of a single colour to fill up the laundry machine, so you don’t waste water, detergent etc. It is a pain.

I hate laundry
So here I found a few laundry sorters. In fact I found exactly what I wanted: a laundry sorter that was divided in three sections. So for example, you could divide it in the dark clothing section, the white section and the colour mix section.

But then I thought to myself that three sections were not enough for a laundry basket, because then: what happens with the Red clothes? where do we put them? do we mix them with the mixed colours? 

That is something that I didn’t want to do so I decided that if I was to have a laundry basket with different sections I would have it with four sections instead of three. Whites, blacks, colours and reds. 

Laundry sorter
Now, it was really hard to find but in the end I managed to see something that I really wanted on Amazon
This one does the trick but requires a little bit of space in your kitchen, if you decide to put it there. So I suggest that before you buy it or before you look at it or think it’s a good solution, make sure it fits.

Laundry sorter 4 sections compartments